Akeytsu to UE4 Problems

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Akeytsu to UE4 Problems

PostPosted by craboom » Mon Jan 04, 2016 1:45 pm

Hey there, first, i´m glad to use this awesome peace of tool :)

But i have a problem using this with UE4.

The firt problem i see is that the front axis of UE4 is the X Axis, not the Z like in Unity. So it would be nice to see a possibility to change the front direction in Akeytsu.

The second thing thats weird, if i export from akeytsu to FBX and import to UE4 the mesh and its animations get importet upside down.

I´ve made a screenshot of it for you to see


My Question are simply clear, is there a plan to make Akeytsu usable for UE4 in future? And do you have a time for me when it should be possible to change front axis and getting rid of the upside down bug?

It´s not a big deal to fix this while importing to ue4, you simply can change the roll and pitch in the import window of ue4, so doesnt matter if the fix takes a while, but it would be nice for future purposes

Another Problem i have is that the exportet fbx from akeyts has other scaling in ue4 then the mesh before rigging in akeytsu.
For example, i´ve build a mesh with a size of 1,8 meters. I import this in akeytsu, rig it, animate it.
Export to fbx.
Now, when i import this in UE4 the mesh comes way too big.
If i set the uniform scale to 0.1 within the import window of ue4 the animation seem destoyed.

i´ve added another series of screenshots for you:
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Re: Akeytsu to UE4 Problems

PostPosted by Cédric - nukeygara » Tue Jan 05, 2016 11:02 pm

Can you please send us your files to support@nukeygara.com, please ?
Thank you.
Cédric - nukeygara
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Re: Akeytsu to UE4 Problems

PostPosted by Cassandra - Nukey » Thu May 04, 2017 9:50 am


We know that it is an old post, but as it deals with "How Akeytsu character can work properly with Unreal Engine", we post some workaround we found for this.

The main problem is that Akeytsu and Unreal Engine do not work with the same world frame orientation. that's why when exchanging characters between Akeytsu and UE (via Fbx), rotation or misaligned problems occur in most cases.

Here we suggest you some process to pass from one software to the other:

From UE to Akeytsu:
• Open the UE file in Akeytsu
• Switch to Rigging mode
• Select joints which have the rotation (most of the cases, it's the root)
• In Transform window, replace the wrong rotation values by 0
• Then, in Character bank, right click on the Bind Pose
• Click on "Set as ref pose"
• Save the file (it should be repaired)

From Akeytsu to UE:
• In UE, use the import visible in Content Browser Tab (bottom left of the UE’s window)
• Change axis transformation values of the skeleton part (as for "From UE to Akeytsu" solution, but in UE)

We hope that can help you !
And if you have another workaround for UE and Akeytsu cohabitation don't hesitate to suggest it !
Cassandra - Nukey
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