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akeytsu (Pre Release) Beta KNOWN ISSUES

PostPosted by Cédric - nukeygara » Tue Jul 14, 2015 8:58 am

3D view navigation
  • Wacom tablets are not yet fully supported. For a usable experience, you may try enabling the option "Show Mouse cursor when dragging" in the Preferences dialog, under General Preferences.
  • IK solving is currently done independently for each layer of animation. Therefore, it can result in unexpected/counter-intuitive behavior when blending animation layers. As a rule, IK visual feedback is only guaranteed to be correct when a layer is displayed on its own (e.g. at full opacity and all other layers at 0 opacity or hidden).
  • IK solving currently doesn’t support constraints.
FBX export
  • FBX deals with several animation aspects differently than akeytsu. As a result, non-baked FBX exports are not guaranteed to be accurate with akeytsu’s results, especially (but not only) when blending layers, and during interpolations. As of now, non-baked FBX export should only be used as a mean of exporting poses.
    If you want accurate animations, you shall use baked export. As each frame is baked, the result is guaranteed to be accurate. Just make sure the exported animation is played at a framerate that is consistent with the framerate in akeytsu (currently 50 fps).
Modifying the Ref pose after creating animations
  • In akeytsu, animation keys are computed relatively to a special pose called Ref pose. As a result, any modification made to the Ref pose after having already created animations potentially impacts all animation keys you already created. There are plans to introduce automatic corrections in order to limit this issue in future versions of akeytsu.
  • Fade-ins / fade-outs may be manipulated to achieve absurd configurations. Results in those cases are undefined.
  • Fade-ins / fade-outs currently aren’t handled correctly when merging layers including them.
Integrated curveboard
  • For clearer display, before any selection is made, curves are supposed to appear behind the animated character. As a result, non-selected curves are displayed behind any 3D object in the scene. Unfortunately, this implies that if you try to import a big 3D setting that your character is supposed to evolve in, non-selected curves will be hidden most of the time.
Mirroring keys
  • There are several options in akeytsu that automatically mirror keys, based on naming rules that identify left and right controllers. As of now, any controller that isn’t identified as a left controller or a right controller is automatically deemed a central one. This raises unexpected results when trying to mirror a non-central, non-symmetric controller.
  • IK lock/unlock information is not handled when mirroring keys.
  • Extreme and breakdown information is not displayed in the timeline yet.
  • The Tree window currently cannot be resized horizontally.
View Camera
  • Current view camera isn’t saved when saving a file. As a result, when you open a file, the camera view is always reset to the default view (same as when creating a new file).
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