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Akeytsu Advice

PostPosted by Belmontt » Wed Oct 12, 2016 1:36 am

Hi!! just a quick question

Ive seen the trailers for this software and it really got my attention, i am currently working as a 3d videogame artist, i enjoy working mostly as a modeller, (characters), and ive always looked the other way trying to avoid the rigging part of the pipeline but i was wondering. given that akeytsu is a software dedicated only for rigging and animating game content, do you guys think akeytsu will make this process any less painful?
im looking to learn just enough to be able to pose my characters for presentation on my portfolio ,( the 'T' or 'A' pose is far from glamorous), i mean in your experience using the software do you find it easy or at least faster than other solutions?
Weell ive already bought the learn license but i wanted to know others people experience on this.
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Re: Akeytsu Advice

PostPosted by blackant » Wed Oct 12, 2016 4:54 pm

Hi Belmott,

i recently bought Akeytsu to implement it into my workflow.
i'm working in the game industry since many years, and i know many ways to rig and animate models.
Maya, 3dsmax, poser, Motion Builder, zbrush... there is so many other softs to do rig and animations... so why to buy it ??


Zbrush is not designed to easily pose your character and use it for game, forget it.
Poser, is a great tool but... long time i didn't used it, the last thing i remember about this software and animations is, well, not for me.
Motion Builder, way to complicated with his interface, use it only if you have no choice.
3dsmax, i'm using it since around 10 years, maybe more, the main tool for modelling, rendering, rigging and animating, proposing many ways to rig and animate, the best investment for professionnal, but:
Classic bones: most polyvalent tool, many ways to use it, link it with helpers, ok, cool, it works with everything. Major problem comes from the way people lean doing rigs with controlers, IH and IK, sometimes it's complicate to get the perfect result, and max is using Z as height, unity is using Y, really boring when you have to rotate your animated rig before exporting and you encounter problems with bones that are not following correctly.
biped, can import motion, capture, great point, i'm not using mocap in game development,
Character Toollit (CAT), very cool system to create rigs, make automatized walks and funny skeletons, with a lot of powerfull fonctionnalities wich often doesn't respond like you would.
because of all these negative point in max, it's good to turn to
Maya, great tool, certainly the best one, used by professionnals like pixar and disney and many other studios, this software allows you to do everything, add plugins and etc etc..
for rigging it's clean but you'll need a good practice to get the perfect result aswell.

and it's here that comes Akeytsu.
with his simple interface, here you can rig and animate only, so you don't have to search during hours to learn the program. just following the tutorial is the best way to get the main function and start doing fast rigs like you would in maya.
the skinning tools are also welcome to quickly do the job. like in max you will see a table referencing the selected vertices influenced by bones, mesh display vertices colors of strengh, enough to understandwhat you do.
and the best, you only have to work half on your model !
a simple clic will do the mirror on the other part, and if you are not satisfacted, you can quickly arrange it. Oh and i forgot, if you are not satisfacted with your rig during the skinning, you can simply go back to the bind pose and modify your rig.
unlike max, who will broke your skin modifier and you'll have to restart from scratch, you can change everything as you need without problem.
Animations tools are also well thinked, crate frame only were and when you need them without bad surprises of moving accidently a bone at the wrong time.
and for me the best in all of that is that you donn't have to create complicated controllers and Ik systems wich will sometimes surprise you because of inversed direction or bad parameters.

Akeytsu is a great tool, i'm really happy to use it, and i fell really better about facial rigging now because it was a point i was never totaly satisfy, now, i'm.

the soft is actually not completly finished, and you can encounter some bugs and problems, but like in max and maya, and those both softs are made since many many years...bugs are always present.
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Re: Akeytsu Advice

PostPosted by Belmontt » Fri Oct 14, 2016 2:19 am

yeaah i completely agree with you. there are a lot of solutions for making rigs and animating but some of them are really tedious and i feel like they become even more difficult because you have to dig into the many non related add ons and features of a major 3d package to get to what you actually want to do, thats why im feeling very optimistic about akeytsu going to try and learn it as fast as i can, to quickly integrate it into my workflow

thanks a lot for the reply!!! :D :D :D
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