Trial animation with import?

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Trial animation with import?

PostPosted by akeytsu3d » Wed Apr 05, 2017 5:27 pm

Testing Akeytsu with Blender and Unity3d.
Imported Autodesk FBX sample zombie.
Great...looks perfect, textures and all!
No animation?
Looked here for says import and animation too results.
Manual implies version 1.0 no animation import I think.
Still the case??
Or maybe I'm missing something??

Really want this to work...Blender fbx issues are killing me.
But if I can't get an Autodesk fbx to work no need to more forward.
Thanx so much to any and all who attempt to help!

P.S. to developers
Awesome work I love where your headed, I'm really hoping Autodesk doesn't buy you up and price us all out.
Remember Filmbox ( Motionbuilder )! I've still got a very early copy somewhere sitting around.
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Re: Trial animation with import?

PostPosted by Aurélien - nukeygara » Thu Apr 06, 2017 8:09 am

Hi akeytsu3D (and welcome),

Of course akeytsu imports animations too!
I suspect your zombie FBX does not have animation. Did you check it in FBX Review (Autodesk free app)?
If there's well animation in FBX Review but not in akeytsu, please send us your file at

(ps: we like your pseudo. it sounds well ;-))
Aurélien Charrier
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Aurélien - nukeygara
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Re: Trial animation with import?

PostPosted by akeytsu3d » Fri Apr 07, 2017 12:17 am

I had tested it in the Autodesk FBX converter/viewer before bring it into Akeytsu to make sure it worked.

What little I know about animation formats is, for the most part they seem to work best in the software they were originally created in. And even then moving that same file to a different machine with the same version of that same software may give issues.

Unfortunately game design seems to require a lot of this transferring of files and formats.

I've tried 3 different files now...
The original Autodesk sample zombie...comes with the converter 2013..?
loads fine just shows no animation in Anim Bank

Agent FBX downloaded form ... 86305.html
Imports fine...switch from bones to animation...both toes point straight down and his head drops out of site into chest.
funny looking but it is playing animation.

And then another zombie...that imports and animates correctly...however the lighting is as though there are no lights
in scene...but as I write this...I remember the model loaded far to one side in view, so maybe...

I'll send the Autodesk zombie to support as the animations not showing up is biggest issue.
The agent file is of concern as the model came from Eat3D, a training site that I've felt produced materials of high quality.

The pipeline issue is always going to have its challenges. But Akeytsu is incredibly fun to use so far. As a hack I feel
it could actually help me produce real animations! Thanx for your time!
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Re: Trial animation with import?

PostPosted by Cassandra - Nukey » Fri Apr 07, 2017 3:30 pm

Hi akeytsu3d,

We have seen that Autodesk FBX Review ( which is a free FBX Viewer from Autodesk, found four animations for your Zombie.fbx but can't read them, the character staying in T-pose for each animation.

If FBX Review can't read your file, it's the same thing for Akeytsu...

As we understand it, it seems that the animation of your file is not done on joints, but on other stuff that Akeytsu or 3DS Max do not import.
That's why all the fbx you find in the sample folder from the FBX converter cannot work on Akeytsu.

Concerning the agent, it is nearly the same thing. If you see it in FBX Review, it seems to work, but if you put "All" in "selected displayed object mode you will see that there are too much joints.

Confirm by akeytsu:

Also, if you put it in Akeytsu, the hierarchy tree is composed of a lot of dummies so this can be why Akeytsu does not succeed in showing your character running correctly.

Don't hesitate if you have any other question !

- Nukeygara -
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