[Bug] Large fbx export file size

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[Bug] Large fbx export file size

PostPosted by squall » Thu Apr 06, 2017 6:47 am


I imported my fbx model (around 630kb) into akeytsu and rigged-skinned the model - no animation yet. The scene file had grown to around 300mb and
when exported to fbx there was a slight increase in size (still around 300mb). I reckoned something went wrong and did a test by importing the 300mb
skinned model into Blender, delete the camera and marker and export to fbx with Blender. The Blender exported fbx file size was merely 900kb.

I then uploaded the 900kb model to Mixamo to test with some of the animation to ensure the Blender exported fbx was intact and the result was good
(err.. still need some tweaking). With the test result, I believe this is a bug because the exported file size differences is too big.

Thanks and Regards
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Re: [Bug] Large fbx export file size

PostPosted by Cassandra - Nukey » Thu Apr 06, 2017 1:58 pm

Hi Squall,

For now, textures are systematically embedded in akeytsu Fbx files; this is why your files are so heavy.
In a future update, you will be able, when exporting, to choose to embed or not your textures.

- Nukeygara -
Cassandra - Nukey
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