Auto Rig Solution & Plugin Pipeline FOR FUTURE UPDATE

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Auto Rig Solution & Plugin Pipeline FOR FUTURE UPDATE

PostPosted by ksalmon87 » Mon Apr 24, 2017 6:44 am

There is this Autorig solution, that was created by Mixamo, and then bought out by Adobe... If you were to some how acquire it or created your own "Auto-Rig" plugin for Akeytsu & also a "send-To" plugin for Unreal Engine ... Your Software would be a whole new pipeline AND The best thing about it.... ITS COST EFFECTIVE ALREADY!

I plan on using your solution Indefinitely, as Mixamo is broken... and I need simplicity... and with Akeytsu, you guys so far have created simplicity!! Thank you !!
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Re: Auto Rig Solution & Plugin Pipeline FOR FUTURE UPDATE

PostPosted by Aurélien - nukeygara » Tue Apr 25, 2017 4:46 pm

Hi Ksalmon87,

Yes, in the future we plan to add a kind of auto-rigger.
However we choosed first a generic (and manual) rig process to allow our users to rig all kind of character and props.
In akeytsu, you can rig all you want (and place precisely your joints as you want): a flower, a chair, a biped, a monster... so yes, it is (today) a bit longer process but totally open and complete (on the contrary of a biped auto-rigger).
However, a nice current feature of our rig workflow is the "half concept". You work only on a side (skeleton/skinning) and let akeytsu mirrors all that stuff. It is already great time saver.

Thanks again for your comment.
Really happy to know you enjoy akeytsu (and the concept of akeytsu -> simplicity :-))

Aurélien Charrier
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