FBX Embed Media files

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FBX Embed Media files

PostPosted by blackant » Fri Jun 16, 2017 12:49 pm


not really a bug but a big problem wich makes the files really bigger for nothing.

i have been working on a serie of sharks for animations, but for each one, i have been using the existing same rig so, i imported the new shark, and deleted existing one, and then adjusted both rig and animations to fit the new mesh.
it works perfectly but,
when i export the file, each fbx export does an embed media keeping the images from deleted Meshes wich finally result in this kind of folder in unity:

The files can of course be deleted to clean the project, but the size of the FBX still be the same and it cost now something like 3.5 Go for only 10 meshes..
not really good isn't it ?

so, is there a way to remove this embed media before exporting any animation, or should i wait for a futur update ?

also, (by the way) i noticed that the camera and marker are always exported with the rest of the animation, it's boring to have to delete them each time, could it be cleaned before the export ?
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Re: FBX Embed Media files

PostPosted by Cassandra - Nukey » Fri Jun 16, 2017 3:22 pm

Hi blackant,

The camera and the Marker are planned to be removed from the export process in the V1.
Concerning the possibility to disable embed media file, it will also be in the V1.

Just need to wait !

- Nukeygara -
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